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Insurance Desktop has developed concept selling tools for the life insurance industry since 1990. Our flagship product, ADDCALC, has since become Canada's industry standard for illustrating life insurance-based solutions to any number of financial concerns, including estate planning, charitable giving, retirement planning, pension maximization and corporate insurance.

Insurance Desktop recently released a from-the-ground-up redesign of ADDCALC based on Microsoft’s leading edge .NET technology, available in both desktop and web-based models. Insurance Desktop licenses ADDCALC to Canadian life insurance companies who in turn include ADDCALC as part of their product illustration software packages. The new version comes equipped with a highly sophisticated web-based back office interface that enables insurance company clients to exercise complete customization control over the reports that ADDCALC generates.


Most financial intermediaries, whether they are life insurance agents, life licensed security brokers, bank or credit union service representatives or dual licensed general insurance agents, all know that life insurance policies do not sell themselves.

A prospect buys because he or she has a need and determines that a particular policy solves that need better than any other option available. To assist the prospect in that determination, the intermediary must show more than just a product illustration. In fact, the product illustration needs to be changed into a sales illustration that not only identifies the need or a planning opportunity, but also shows how the product presented solves that need or capitalizes on the opportunity better than anything else the prospect could consider.

ADDCALC does just that. It not only presents the various "parts" of life insurance policies, but also compares those with what most investors are already familiar with, a balanced investment portfolio. ADDCALC is unique in that it allows the figures produced by the product software of most companies to be read into the ADDCALC Software; ADDCALC then transforms the "product illustration" into one or several of many highly creative and effective "sales illustrations."

ADDCALC opens up new markets, increases closing ratios, produces larger sales and improves persistency. ADDCALC empowers intermediaries to create proposals for sales concepts vital to the key life insurance markets of Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Corporate Insurance, Pension Estate Maximization and Charitable Giving.

28 sales concepts, supported by over 100 pages of on-screen help text may be featured in any of 46 sales illustrations. ADDCALC reads in the figures of proposals produced by the product illustration software of most major life insurance companies and turns their columns of figures into superior sales illustrations with powerful graphics support.

ADDCALC is licensed to life insurance companies, securities firms, mutual fund dealerships, banks and trust companies and is not available to individual producers. Life insurance companies usually make the program part of their own product illustration software. Other financial organizations license the program on a volume purchase basis and make it available to their individual producers.

Financial Advisor Support Tools

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An increasing number of financial services organizations are recognizing that the Internet is highly suited to providing support services to producers while:

The central purpose of the Investor Desktop Suite of applications is to bring together advisors and their clients — both present and future.

Advisors may easily transform the Investor Desktop site into a personal website of their own and equip themselves with a versatile financial services portal presented in their own image and their own words. This portal and the powerful applications arrayed behind it empower consumers to become involved in formulating investment strategies, selecting products and services and evaluating alternatives. At the same time, consumers clarify their financial services needs to their advisor, instantly and seamlessly.

Make the Investor Desktop website your own personal website by uploading a photo, a logo, and your own custom home page text. Easy to set up and use, your personal website is also a powerful portal leading to the suite of Investor Desktop tools and knowledge base.

The Internet has given the average consumer broad and immediate access to information on virtually every subject. It has encouraged most to play a more active role in selecting and buying products and services, including those that fall under the broad heading of financial planning. As a result, consumers are more empowered to make informed decisions about the purchase of any product and or service that might be needed to complete a financial plan.

Vortex has created the Investor Desktop Suite in recognition of the increasing desire and ability of the average consumer to be more closely involved in formulating strategies, selecting products and services and evaluating alternatives.

The goal of the Investor Desktop Suite is not to replace the traditional intermediary between consumers and sophisticated financial products and services. On the contrary: the goal is to connect the consumer more effectively to the financial planner, agent, broker or representative, to enrich the client / advisor relationship and to facilitate a clear understanding of the consumer's needs.

In addition to the other primary tools in the Investor Desktop Suite, the Financial Planning Analyzer and the Portfolio Planner, the personal advisor website offers several lighter-weight resources. Each feature is designed to create interest, arouse curiosity and encourage the visitor to take advantage of a major Investor Desktop tool.


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Read about different types of investments that are available to the individual investor. You are presented with brief descriptions covering most of the popular investments including fixed income, stocks, mutual funds and life insurance.

Quick Concepts

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The Preview, or "Quick Concepts" section lets you choose from four areas of financial planning that have proven to be of most interest to the average investor. You are provided with background information and a thumb nail sketch and calculation of your current and future situation.

Financial Analysis Tools

Before we built for the web, we built a product line of standalone solutions for financial organizations such as banks, credit unions, securities firms, life insurance companies and mutual fund sales companies. We have brought that long expertise forward into the online era in the form of web-based financial analysis tools.

The web has empowered consumers to become increasingly sophisticated in their knowledge of financial services and products. Many products once available only through intermediaries are now purchased and managed directly online. At the same time, there remain many other products that are best explored with the help of a qualified financial services professional. An online tool that not only educates and arouses interest in the consumer, but also helps intermediaries by pre-qualifying prospects and identifying needs, is best suited to products such as these.

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The Financial Planning Analyzer, or FPA, helps prospects and financial advisors to connect. This first-of-its-kind web-based tool pre-qualifies potential clients for any of a range of financial products and services. By streamlining the prospecting process, the FPA frees financial services professionals to spend more time on what they like and do best — closing sales and maintaining client relationships.

Versatile and easy to use, the FPA takes full advantage of the flexibility and power of web-based technology. The site adjusts its scope dynamically to fit the interests of its users and the objectives of its licensees, eliminating any wasted effort. It can be personalized and managed behind the scenes at both the company and branch level and even by individual advisors. Powerful reporting features let you determine usage, conversion and demographic statistics for any time period and any group of individuals, helping you to plan budgets, recruitment and sales growth.

In short, the FPA is a suite of essential e-prospecting tools for the financial services industry combined into one flexible package.

How it works

The potential client completes a brief questionnaire designed to identify not only needs but also financial planning opportunities. When done, the prospect may explore an analysis of the vital areas of interest that he or she has identified, which may include:

The analysis arouses curiosity and stimulates interest while setting the stage for a product presentation with an advisor. With the prospect's permission, his or her profile is forwarded directly to the referring advisor, together with a "Producer's Report" that summarizes the products and / or services that are most likely to be of interest to the client. The advisor manages all of his or her active prospects using the FPA Back Office: a prospect organizer and administrative tool.



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Easy to use calculators help you determine what you need to do to get where you want to be. Each calculator describes exactly what it does and assists you through extensive help features.